Will the sun dry up my spots?

The answer is no. Acne can peak in the run up to a holiday, going away can often be quite a stressful time. As we unwind and relax, our stress hormones will begin to level out and eventually dwindle. Stress hormones will target sebaceous glands which is why acne is a symptom of stress. UV exposure will have a temporary drying effect on the skin and the redness is replaced by a tan. We may be in and out of salt water and chlorine which can also dry up spots. Overall we feel that our acne has cleared… wrong! We risk sun damage, ageing, dehydration and pigmentation (especially if using certain medications). A temporary fix is never worth the damage that can occur by not wearing a sunscreen. There are plenty of SPF options for oily or problem skins that will not make the skin worse but keep it hydrated and prevent more serious damage.