Glowing skin is in!

With a flash of metallic, a sprinkling of blush pink and a whole lot of glossy skin, there are many autumn trends that are as achievable off the catwalk as on. Though perfect, subtle and simple make-up can only happen with the best quality canvas. So what do you do if your skin is feeling less like a shiny conker and more like a dry fallen leaf?

Prep and Glow!

Our Dermalogica Prep and Glow SkinSolver treatment takes just ten minutes but promises to give your skin some Autumnal love. Let us share our professional skin tricks and give your skin the boost it deserves with Dermalogica’s hero products.

In order to replenish and restore a polished lustre there are five key steps to focus upon in your at home regimen.

1. Double Cleanse

To ensure clean skin, free of congestion and breakouts, it is critical to cleanse twice. The first with an oil or balm cleanser to remove make-up and daily grime. PreCleanse Balm gives additional nourishment when skin is parched. The second to deep clean the follicles while keeping skin supple and hydrated with your prescribed cleanser

2. Exfoliate

As we amp up the warmth and wrap up in our woolies, dead skin builds, making skin look dull and feeling dry and flaky. Increase your exfoliation with Daily Superfoliant to improve luminosity, promote smoother skin and ensure a flawless canvas for subsequent product application

3. Replenish

Nature provides a bounty of restorative oils that are at their most beneficial during the colder months. Applying just a few drops of Phyto Replenish Oil under your moisturiser, or mixed in with your primer, builds the barrier of your skin to protect against moisture loss and environment. Apply at night, with a minute or two of face massage to wake replenished

4. Soothe Tired Eyes

They say that your eyes are the windows to the soul. So if you are stressed or tired they tend to be the first are of the skin to give away your secrets. apply Stress Positive Eye Lift as a nighttime eye mask to brighten, firm and de-puff the eye area. The cooling applicator soothes tired eyes without dragging the delicate skin.

5. Protect and Prime

A hydrated skin reflects light and increases luminosity so don’t be shy with your moisturiser. Finish your fresh skin canvas with a good dos e of primer and you are ready to glow!

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