Everything you need to know about intimate waxing


What is the difference between Hot waxing and Strip waxing?

Hot wax is a wax that does not require paper strips to remove it, it is peeled off. As the wax sets it shrink wraps around the hair and lifts it up from the follicle. When the wax sets it is then peeled off. We recommend this wax for our intimate areas as its more gentle and can be used on short hairs.

Strip Waxing is ideal for less sensitive skin such as arms and legs. The strip wax is spread thinly over the area, then a paper strip is applied and pulled off.

How long should my hair be for waxing?

Our hot wax removes hair as short as 1mm. For best results we would recommend you let your hair grow for 3/4 weeks.

I’m pregnant, can I still have a wax?

Waxing is very popular with pregnant ladies and is completely safe throughout the whole pregnancy.

What is the after care for Intimate Waxing?

We recommend you wear loose cotton underwear after your waxing treatment. You can exfoliate the area 4-7 days after your treatment to prevent ingrowing hairs.
We advise to not have a hot bath or use perfumed products on the area for 12-24 hours after your treatment.

What is the difference between a Brazilian and a Hollywood  wax?

  • A Brazilian wax  leaves hair on the front in either a strip or mini-triangle shape. All the hair from the lips (labia) and bum is removed.
  • A Hollywood wax removes all hair from the pubic area and bum.
  • We describe a G-String wax as a high bikini, It is similar to a bikini, however taken slightly higher onto the pubic area and with more hair removed underneath following the line of a g-string.
  • A basic bikini is where hair is removed from the top and the sides of the bikini area.


Does Intimate Waxing hurt?

Every person has a different pain threshold. With Lycon wax we can say it’s virtually pain free. The more you do it and keep up with it the thinner and lighter the hair becomes, the easier it is to remove, therefore less painful.


Can I still have a Wax when I’m on my period?

Of course! You would need to wear a freshly changed tampon before your treatment. We have toilet facilities to freshen up as well.


Do I have to remove my underwear for a intimate wax?

You will be required to remove your underwear with a Hollywood or Brazilian wax. With a Standard Bikini and G-string we supply disposable underwear or you can wear your own if you prefer.

How long will the hair stay away after a Intimate Wax?

You can notice a few hairs coming back after a week. It can take up to three to four treatments for your hair to get into a growth cycle that gives best results. We recommend you have your wax done every 4 weeks.

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